Ways and benefits of practicing yoga

October 22 2021 – qijingjing

Ways and benefits of practicing yoga

Ways and benefits of practicing yoga

Before practicing yoga, I usually dismiss it and just want aerobic exercise that can burn thousands of calories. However, once I started to incorporate it into my life, it became a continuous physical therapy; yoga showed me how indispensable maintaining strength and balance is to continue my physical work and active life. Whether you have been injured or not, yoga practice is very important and is closely related to all other activities in your life.


Yoga makes you aware.

By repeatedly correcting and focusing on the posture during the exercise, you will be more aware of your limits and bad back habits. In yoga, you are often told to pull your shoulders back or align your spine while practicing certain postures. This helps strengthen the natural and healthy curve of your back, which helps you avoid injuries. It can also give you an idea of ​​which sports other than yoga can cause back pain, and how to make weightlifting and other activities safer.


Yoga can increase strength.

Staying in yoga poses for a long time allows you to increase the strength of specific muscle groups, some of which focus on the back. Gentle and effective, maintaining these positions while combining the power of other movements requires concentration and effort. Yoga emphasizes core strength, which also involves your abdomen. When your back and abdomen are both exercised, they will subconsciously work together to keep you strong during exercise and standing for long periods of time. Plus your elegant yoga vest will show those beautiful back muscles.


Here are some ways to practice yoga at home:


Plank changes

Melt into the plank pose and take a few deep breaths to find your alignment and stability. Change your posture as little as possible, and start to lift your right foot directly off the ground, and don't dump it on your lower back.

Only raise your feet to a position where you can maintain a neutral, square pelvis. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then repeat the same time on the second side.


Chair slide

Enter the chair pose on the edge of your yoga mat, with your right foot on the mat and your left foot on the blanket or towel.

If you practice yoga poses on the carpet, the paper plate works surprisingly well. Lean forward halfway, and then slowly slide your left foot into the crescent position.

Maintain your core strength and support your lower back. Slowly slide your left foot back onto the chair and repeat the slow slide 10 times, then switch to the second side.


Although most people think they only need a good yoga mat, it is actually important to pay attention to wearing yoga clothes when exercising. If you wear the wrong pants during your yoga exercise, it may have a negative impact on your performance. In order to make the most of your exercise, you should wear vikeep comfortable bootcut yoga clothes.


Bootcut yoga pants will reduce your stress level

If you feel anxious or stressed, it is impossible to focus on the exercise you are doing. Although there is no cure to help you relieve stress immediately, wearing loose yoga clothes can help you focus on the important thing-breathing.

Generally speaking, breathing exercises and meditation are important parts of yoga. They are essential to increase your control over your mind and body. If you feel a lot of stress while attending a yoga class, tight-fitting clothes will only make things worse. They may make you more irritable and anxious.

When you put on comfortable clothes, there is always a sense of relief. Loose yoga pants will make you feel good during your workout and help calm your mind so that you can get a good rest after your yoga class.


Bootcut yoga pants prevent waist problems during exercise

Many people don’t think twice and practice yoga in tight clothes. There are even some experienced yoga enthusiasts who only work out in tight yoga pants. However, if your clothes are too tight at the waist, they can cause some different health problems.

For example, too tight yoga pants will negatively affect your blood circulation and disrupt the flow of lymph. In addition to making you feel tired during exercise, circulation problems can also damage your immune system and cause greater health problems.

Another negative effect of tight clothing around the groin is an increased risk of yeast infections. In addition, they can also cause acid reflux. If you feel any kind of pain in your hips, waist, or abdomen while exercising, and you are wearing tight clothing while exercising, you should immediately change into loose yoga pants.

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