How to choose a suitable pair of yoga pants

October 15 2021 – qijingjing

How to choose a suitable pair of yoga pants

How to choose a suitable pair of yoga pants


Yoga is about intelligence. It is the yoga of your mind, the path to wisdom. But not in the way you are accustomed to believing in intelligence.

Not in the highly competitive modern intelligence, our ego knows what it knows, this is all it is.

This is true wisdom. A wisdom that does not depend on results or values.

If you are like the rest of us, chances are that your schedule is very busy. You dream of a leisurely lifestyle, but living in a big city will make you go faster and faster. You have too many things to do, and you have too little time for things you really like. At this time you can start practicing yoga.


If you don't want super tight yoga pants

If you like yoga pants that don't show off every curve, there are many options, such as straight-leg tailored pants or pirated pants. These tend to be more flattering and can balance your figure better than fitted yoga pants.


If you are doing restorative yoga

If your yoga practice is to slow down your body and brain, the best yoga pants should be comfortable, loose, and keep your body at the right temperature for your climate.Vikeep bootcut yoga pants is your best choice.


If you focus on comfort

High-waist yoga pants are also a good choice, because they fit your mid-waist well and are more flattering than low-waist pants.


When you buy yoga pants, you have to ask yourself 3 things.

  1. Are these yoga pants comfortable?
  2. Are these yoga pants the right size?
  3. Are these yoga pants the right length?


Comfort should be your number one priority! Generally, you want your pants to be lightweight and made of breathable fabric. At VIKEEP, we understand the importance of clothing "breathing", which is one of the reasons why we choose to use soft organic cotton and spandex blends to make products.


Some things to keep in mind when buying yoga pants are that they should be close to your hips and waist, but not so tight that you feel restricted. In addition, your pants should not be too loose, as this may interfere with your natural movement. Finally, remember that during yoga, you will do handstands and bend over. Therefore, you will want a pair of shoes that will not slip off or expose you and cause an embarrassing situation.


Another thing to avoid is buying pants that are too long. When your pants are too long, you may slip and trip when you move from one pose to another. During yoga, you want your feet to feel strong and stable, not unbalanced. So, if your pants are too long, it's not a good thing. You want to choose pants that are just below the calf or just at the ankle. Also, if your pants are too long, don't throw them away-go to the tailor's shop and sew them. Or use a 3/4 length style.

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