How to Do Kids' Yoga

March 10 2022 – qijingjing

How to Do Kids' Yoga

How to Do Kids' Yoga

How much do we love hearing the phrase "take a moment in child's pose" in a yoga class? It's nice when this break is announced to the group, but even better when you realize it can be up to you at any time. Deciding to go into Child's Pose is a true strength move, an expression of your commitment to self-care, and a hallmark of advanced yoga practice.


Balasana is a warm hugging pose. Technique isn't really the focus here, but there are a few tips to help make the child's position as comfortable as possible. It's not always great for people with tight hips, so we'll offer some alternatives as well.


Benefits of Child Poses

Stretches the hips, thighs, calves, shoulders and back



Come to a four-legged position with your toes on the floor.

Spread your knees toward the edge of the mat while keeping your feet together.

Sink your hips back onto your feet.

Put your forehead on the floor or turn your head to bring one cheek to your mat. After a few breaths, turn to the other cheek for balance.

Extend your arms in front of you and stretch your shoulders and upper back. If you've been doing a lot of work with your shoulders, it'll also feel good to relax your arms and put your hands on your feet.

Breathe as much as you can before going back to a new challenge.



If the child's position is uncomfortable as described above, here are some variations to try.


- If you have a sensitive lower back or tight hips, keep your knees together instead of widening them.


- You want to feel very relaxed in Child's Pose, so if that's simply not possible for any reason, use an upright sitting position instead. Kneeling with your hips on your heels is a good option, or a cross-legged position is fine.


Child's Pose is a great place to do some gentle side stretches. Simply move your arms to the side of the mat while keeping your hips evenly on your heels. Hold for a few breaths, then move your arm to the other side and do the same.


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