Several yoga poses for beginners

March 01 2022 – qijingjing

Several yoga poses for beginners

Several yoga poses for beginners

Whenever we think of the word "yoga," we tend to think of a variety of intricate poses that are difficult to replicate—especially challenging for those who might think they might be too old to start yoga. This article discusses some of the most accessible yoga poses that almost anyone can perform, regardless of age or yoga level. The goal of these yoga poses is to make the body more flexible, flexible, stronger, and healthier. Over time, as muscle tension, body aches, and stress decrease, you'll see improved physical fitness and a fresher, happier you.



  1. Half Spinal Twist

This yoga pose is great for stretching your pelvic area, shoulders and back as well as improving flexibility. People who experience tension in the neck and shoulders, especially adults in their 30s and 40s, can do this pose to help relax the muscles in these areas.


  • Sit on a yoga mat with your legs in front of you


  • With one hand on your side, twist your upper body slightly to the side


  • Stop and hold for a few seconds, then repeat on the other side


  • Remember to inhale and exhale deeply as you do this pose


  1. Corpse pose

This is probably the most comfortable pose in this art. It's great for relieving tension in your body from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Those with limited mobility can also practice this pose for comfort by placing a blanket under them.


  • Lie down with arms and legs straight


  • take deep breaths in rhythmic movements


  • feel your weight sinking to the ground


  1. Mountain pose

Straightforwardly, it's a pose where you stand and shift your weight to help you stabilize your body -- so you gain more strength in your joints, especially your ankles and toes. It is ideal for those looking to improve body stability and balance, especially in the legs.


  • Stand up straight, arms relaxed, legs clenched, toes fully on the ground


  • use your quadriceps to lift your kneecap


  • Push your abs inward while keeping your chest up


  • Squeeze your shoulders and feel the blades move


  • feel a rope pulling your head towards the ceiling


  • Take five to eight deep breaths as you feel your body stretch up


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