Follow the sports yoga bra trend

March 17 2022 – qijingjing

Follow the sports yoga bra trend

Follow the sports yoga bra trend

Sports bras are great because they are so comfortable. Assuming you've invested in your boobs and are wearing a high-quality, well-fitting sports bra, you might like them because they don't dig, poke, rub, or pull. You want them to be stylish enough to be worn as an everyday bra, but they are sports bras and don't fit under your t-shirts and regular outfits. Times have changed, however, and the athleisure bra trend is sweeping the industry and it's worth getting excited about. That's why the sports bra bra trend is the best!


What is an athleisure bra?

Athleisure is a term used to describe athletic styles that also have streetwear influences. They're stylish bras with the comfort of a sports bra, and they've all but taken over the lingerie industry because what's not to love?


Popular Bra Trends in Athleisure Style

Now that you know that athleisure bras are basically sports-inspired styles, you're probably wondering what else you can expect from an aesthetic. While trends are bound to change over time, there are specific trends that are having a huge impact on the underwear industry right now. Fishnet, rugby stripes and French terry are the three most prominent looks in athleisure styles, each with a completely different appeal. The fishnet adds a touch of sexiness to the sporty look, while the rugby emphasizes the sporty look, and the French terry focuses on comfort.


You get comfort and style outside the gym

The best thing is that it is now reasonable to wear a sports bra outside the gym. Women all over the world crave the comfort and style of lingerie. However, the typical sports bra is simply not suitable for wearing in the office, under clothes, or basically anywhere outside the gym. With the athleisure trend, everyday bras are infused with the comfort of a sports bra. So you can finally enjoy comfort and style anytime, anywhere. Activewear trends bring everything you want into a style you love.


Perfect for big breasts

Finding stunning, beautiful and high-quality lingerie used to be a daunting task for women with large breasts. It seems that everything over a size C is stripped of aesthetics and quality. Women with larger breasts are trapped in sports bras because everyday bras are hard to find, and if you do find them, they're neither good looking nor comfortable. They used to lack the much-needed support that big busts also need. So, sports bras are the only option. However, with the atheislure trend, there are now many comfortable everyday bras and stylish sports bras that infuse styles with everything you need for a larger bust.


Sporty, sports bras fit all body shapes and sizes, and all busts are sure to love the combination of comfort and style. Also, since the athleisure trend is so popular, vikeep makes suitable High waist yoga pants and Wirefree Sports Bra for all women. So, it's time to buy yoga clothes and sports bras for spring!

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