Yoga's most unique charm

July 20 2021 – qijingjing

Yoga's most unique charm

Yoga's most unique charm

The most unique charm of yoga is that it is not an ordinary gymnastics or fitness skills, but a way of life. Yoga practice pays attention to the high integration of physical rest and spirituality. In the process of practicing yoga, we also need special yoga clothes to make the exercise easier. High waist yoga pants and ladies black yoga pants are more popular. If we keep practicing for a long time, yoga will be as natural as breathing for us. So as to promote the health of the body and mind from the inside out. And it will accompany the whole life.

Yoga's unique action design does not require people to exercise vigorously to lose weight. Wearing comfortable yoga pants can consume a lot of calories in the gentle stretch of asanas and promote fat burning; and yoga exercises focus on "balance". It can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the muscles of the whole body. Even if you practice yoga for a long time, you don't have to worry about causing large muscles in your body.

Yoga can also guide dietary orientation. The dietary concept of yoga is: for the health of the body and the peace of mind. You should eat more pleasing foods. Eat less degenerate foods. Do not eat inert foods at all. Adhering to this yoga diet allows people to change their dietary preferences from high-oil and high-fat foods to green and safe vegetable and fruit foods. This can prevent excess fat from accumulating in the body and help maintain a peaceful mood.
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When it comes to yoga, you might think that this is something young girls should do. In fact, some yoga movements are especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends, as large as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other life safety diseases, as small as sinusitis, chronic gastritis, anemia, waist and shoulder pain and other common diseases Discomforts in life can be relieved and healed by practicing yoga, so the effects of yoga are popular all over the world.

Yoga can keep people young and healthy. In India, a teacher who has taught yoga for more than 70 years has been certified by the Dinis World Record and became the most senior yoga teacher at the age of 96. She seemed very energetic at the age of 96, she said, this is the power of yoga!

10 minutes before going to bed, running equals 1 hour. The charm of yoga has also led to yoga becoming more and more popular.

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