Why do we like yoga pants?

March 09 2021 – HuaJi

Why do we like yoga pants?

Why do we like yoga pants?

Denim may be just the antichrist of pants-they are like leg prisons disguised as jeans. But fortunately, in order to make up for the scourge brought to us by jeans, we have provided us with such excellent yoga pants-the best leisure sports pants invention since sweat! We love them for many reasons...

1. They have a great trip
We have had to deal with the narrow legroom in commercial flights, so why do we limit the legs of jeans to increase the salinity of wounds on earth? We may have to face talkative passengers, turbulence or uncomfortable seats, but at least thanks to our yoga pants, we can have enough stretch!

2. Hide your hairy legs
Yoga pants can spend a good day here. As long as you wear them, no one will know that you are planting a wild and indestructible leg hair forest.

3. Can be worn almost anywhere
With yoga pants, you can run errands on flip flops, jog with running shoes or dress up with a tunic for happy hour.

4. Looks like you exercise
Nowadays, even if you don’t touch a 10-foot treadmill, you can still wear sportswear. This is called "leisure", and to be honest, it's just a good saying, "You are a liar for total fitness, but it doesn't matter, because it's popular." Of course, you don't do yoga, but they don't have to know this!

5. They are zipperless
Yoga pants, although glorious, do not have zippers! Therefore, Los Pantelones is almost impenetrable.

6. They are perfect if you are on the go
You only have five minutes to prepare. Should you spend an eternal time trying to sink yourself into those tattered skinny jeans, or just jump into your yoga pants with ease? Oops, that was a difficult process.

7. They are wearable all year round
Yoga pants are perfect for all four seasons-you can wear the same pair when making snowmen, trick or treating, watching the fireworks on July 4th, or hunting for Easter eggs. However, if you are protested by your family for refusing to wear other clothes, we cannot help you. But hey, can they blame you?

8. They make your butt look symmetrical
If you are flat like pancakes, you are lucky. Yoga pants will grip every curve of the body tightly, so you will have more rubbish on that trunk. Your butt will become a legend from being thin and long.

The hot sale of yoga pants is nationwide-"Washington Post" reported that last year, the supply of yoga pants increased by 14%, which undoubtedly implies an increase in demand. Therefore, if you adapt to the trend of sports and leisure, you will be happy to know that it will not disappear anytime soon.

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