Why athletes who practice yoga are more likely to succeed in the Olympics

November 19 2021 – qijingjing

Why athletes who practice yoga are more likely to succeed in the Olympics

Why athletes who practice yoga are more likely to succeed in the Olympics

More than 11,238 athletes participated in Rio de Janeiro, but this summer, we saw the number of athletes dropped by 11,091...and it is still increasing. Just a few days before the award ceremony, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we saw athletes such as Chilean taekwondo players and Dutch skateboarders test positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, this means that they have no choice but to withdraw and cannot participate in this year's Olympics. The impact this may have on the results of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is unimaginable.


Athletes have four years of training time to participate in the Olympics, and develop a structured training plan and achieve goals. Strict training programs, discipline and focus keep them focused on their goals and the coveted Olympic prizes. Facts have proved that the pandemic has brought so much uncertainty, during this period, it is necessary to be equipped with a toolkit to deal with a new pressure layer for any competition. Yoga can be this game-changing toolkit.


1. Respiratory power

Our breathing style is directly related to our performance, but in sports training, performance breathing is usually ignored. Every sport has different breathing requirements. When sports-specific breathing techniques are applied, they help athletes experience and unlock new performance potential.

Here are some examples of how the power of breathing can give athletes an advantage and help them:


Generate more power and strength

Execute more efficiently

Experience greater happiness

Management performance nerves.


2. Reduce strain. More benefits

In the pursuit of excellence, most athletes overtrain and push themselves too far. This is usually the stage where injury may occur. One of the successful methods we use is to apply minimal exercise-specific yoga sequences to correspond to the athlete's regular training.

By helping athletes move at a different speed and rhythm from regular training, they can learn to work with their bodies instead of against them. With more control and integrated breathing, athletes can move more easily. This helps them to explore different movement patterns that are designed to enhance their movements in sports.

By reducing stress, they gain greater abilities within the body system and thus achieve greater performance in their sports.


What clothes you wear when practicing yoga is equally important:

Yoga is a delicate process, not just an exercise. Because you are connected to your core. It is best to wear some organic clothes that are in contact with nature. It is best to wear loose and light clothes so that your attention will be more focused on the experience. Vikeep's Women Cotton Bootcut Pants are skin-friendly-opaque, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage. The skin-friendly and soft fabric provides smooth, low-friction properties. Our yoga pants fit like a second skin. Trust us, you will fall in love with them!

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