What to wear when doing yoga

July 16 2021 – qijingjing

What to wear when doing yoga

What to wear when doing yoga

When you're doing yoga, wearing the right yoga suit not only makes you look good, but also makes you feel comfortable throughout the exercise and relaxes with the relevant yoga moves. Here are some important tips for choosing the best leggings for yoga.

1. Consider the length

One of the most important factors in deciding which tights are best for your yoga class is length. If you like your leggings covering your heel, be sure to choose a 4-way stretched leggings so that they can stretch in length and width, and good spandex levels will allow the leggings to exercise enough, but still give you all the support you need. If you're short, 7/8 length may be a better choice if you want to avoid too many bags at your ankles.

2. Focus on fit

With hundreds of leggings on the market, from loose, flared to fit, it's no surprise that finding the perfect pair is often a challenge. So, first you should decide whether to fit in or loose yoga pants. Generally speaking, when you're on a mat, you need a pair of fitted leggings that fit like a second layer of skin, but won't stop you from moving and bending to the position you choose. Flexibility is the most important thing, so look for a pair of styles made of elastic fabrics that fit every curve of your body without limiting movement.

3. Find the perfect fabric

The right fabric will give you the support you need and, of course, the thickness you want. When you bend and stretch into complex postures, you want to be able to do this with confidence and know that your yoga pants won't reveal your underwear or lose its opacity as you change positions. Four-way elastic fabrics meet all the criteria. You may want to try eco-friendly fabrics, some of which are woven from recycled plastic bottles!

Comfort is paramount, and it usually depends on the fabric you choose. Think about the type of yoga you're going to do. Do you sweat or do you practice light stretching? If you prefer hot yoga, choose sweating fabrics to keep you dry during practice, but if you mainly practice hatha yoga or yin yoga, you can choose a soft cotton blend.

4. Choose the right style

Finally, the style of yoga pants is also key. Avoid low-waisted designs and opt for high-waisted yoga pants, as this style does provide support and coverage where you need it most. If you want a pair of feminine and fun yoga pants, its colors and patterns are cool, it's stylish enough to wear to errands or after running for coffee.

What should I wear to exercise? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we ask in vikeep, so we hope you enjoy this guide to choosing the best leggings for your yoga practice.

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