Choosing the perfect yoga jogging pants

September 30 2021 – qijingjing

Choosing the perfect yoga jogging pants

Choosing the perfect yoga jogging pants

Jogging pants were originally designed for exercise and are traditional sports pants. They usually have a sporty appearance and tapered legs. Most joggers have elastic bands or belts around their waists and elastic bands around their ankles. In the past few years, joggers have been regarded as super casual ~ almost in the category of sports pants.


When it comes to matching your look, I think it depends on what mood you want.

1.With wedges

The jogger is very interesting to dress up. They are casual, but with wedge heels or high heels, they can even be worn to work. This dress is not in the style video, so treat it as a blog reward (and the fifth dress). Not in the video, because my cat knocked on the tripod during filming and it was shaking the city.


2.Match sandals

Did I mention how much I like to wear jogging pants with sandals? I did it and I will tell you again-these are very beautiful. I like how they dress up everything, including joggers.


3.With sports shoes

But there are more ways to make jogging pants easy and fashionable. Try a leather biker jacket or chambray shirt with one. Of course, leisure means sneakers to treat your feet well!


4.With down jacket

If you like to look more laid-back when it's cold outside, then wearing a down jacket and your jogger is a good outfit that will make you look stylish and warm.


Down jackets may be very bulky, but they can make such fashionable clothing. Believe it or not, depending on how you wear a down jacket, you may end up looking very unique. Considering that the jackets are large, they will make you more comfortable.


How to avoid looking sloppy in jogging pants?


Match it with a fitted top. You may have heard the rule of thumb, "loose bottom ~ tight top", and vice versa. Most joggers will be loose and flexible (if not slightly loose). A well-fitting top is the best choice for a charming look.


Choose a flattering style. The most flattering jogger will fit better, not so loose. As long as the legs and waist are streamlined, the cuffs are fine.


Add some chic accessories. You can wear some boho leather/pearl jewelry, add layered necklaces, or wear some eye-catching earrings.


Choose high-quality fabrics. The tightly woven silk blend, washed or dyed cotton and fashion prints (camouflage, leopard print) enhance the style of the jogger.


So, with these ideas, it may be time to come to Vikeep to give yourself some great jogging pants,bootcut yoga pants, because their looks will be very interesting.

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